The S6 world finals finals semi-finals C9 SSG swept North America

The S6 world finals finals semi-finals 2016 North American C9 SSG swept the global finals started in September 30th in the United States of San Francisco, October 14th playoffs officially started, today’s SSG vs C9 game, SSG three to zero score in C9, get the first four seats. Here are eight SSG vs C9 the first game in the first game on the battlefield eight Samsung home court in North America, and the excavator Gank Road, but was out of two and even the snake woman flashed the counter to get a blood. Several attack C9 are SSG block down, and an ambush of the road but let out to the head. Another way to get down the next tower of blood. On the road in AIKE has been pressing him to Rambo, SSG began to remove his Tanalong rhythm, twenty minutes fast economic economic opened ten thousand. The economic gap between the two sides is too large, not to give the opportunity, the road has been PK sheets killed, twenty-six minutes to remove the front teeth are directly on the highland light, although Rambo killed a few residual blood, but also powerless. The strength of one-sided situation, SSG attack a first victory. The following is a lost second games eight SSG vs C9 C9 report on a field and did not mind jumping, are in full line pressing. Scorpion early red BUFF also did not go early Gank. And defensive eye is also doing particularly well, although no previous head, but C9 to get a fire, the two sides deadlocked for a long time. Next to fight to get the police to get a blood, but C9 first get a blood on the road. The mid let Samsung grab dragon and stabilize the situation, the two sides opened Kennan dragon and a very beautiful big hit four. And take the dragon, even pushing two tower. The economy suddenly opened five thousand. Samsung down a little on top, the tower counter, let C9 to stabilize the situation. But the C9 people are all on the side, Samsung white hill block intersections with a tower, and the dragon very decisive, after playing Dragon vision immediately, try to grab, but didn’t get killed. This time the Samsung buff has been pushed on with dragon heights, and police equipment is very good, directly take C9, congratulations to Samsung two game winning streak. Here are eight SSG vs C9 third games like last chance, C9 Zach resorted to playing field, and get the strongest combination under the road line, suppress the opposite is very powerful. And soon got the next blood tower. But in the killing of a policewoman or a little hurt, take the road with the road, but was Olaf Gank once let Samsung to stabilize the situation, and on a small wave of war, let Samsung more stall situation. The economy has not been opened. C9 several times on the line to the opposite C kill time, people can eat Tam preserved, and the single Bobbi play very well, Jess several times to transfer are interrupted by Bobbi, causing the back wheels to mother Samsung developed, and relying on the protection ability of TAM, the strong tower killed. The late Samsung Economic leading 9 thousand. Samsung open dragon by Zach stop, and then to C9 to Bo in the Olaf dead cases, destroyed the dragon, but Samsung and other players forced open group, and let Samsung get dragon. Samsung lee.相关的主题文章: