The SUV brothers led Changhe Automobile September huge benefits of raid

The SUV brothers led Changhe Automobile September huge benefits hit the "golden nine silver ten" rujierzhi, means an important moment in the domestic automobile manufacturers and has entered a collective annual impulse. In September, Changhe Automobile smitten, according to the Department of Q35 and Q25 led by the Changhe car launched heavy preferential policies with awesome products and give preferential benefit, from autumn for the vast number of consumers. The table below: in Changhe’s many models, the new listing of Changhe Q35 is undoubtedly the focus of attention. Born in the world top 500 enterprises ranked 160th in the automotive group, from the Millennium porcelain craftsmen in Jingdezhen cultural and artistic charm, the Changhe Automobile aerospace industry quality Cuilian, was born in Jingdezhen Beiqi Hong Yuan factory Changhe Changhe Q35, automobile industry is set to". Q35 color is Changhe extraordinary eye-catching, but the most striking thing is the There was no parallel in history. customer service policies. According to reports, the top 10000 users to buy Q35 Changhe can enjoy free lifetime maintenance, repair a year free, five years, half a year long warranty not only for repair, 50 thousand yuan loan quota of 24 more 0 interest and a series of Car Buying Madden welfare! In addition to Changhe Q35, Changhe Automobile SUV "brothers" in the other generals — Changhe Q25 also full of sincerity: September purchase of Changhe Q25, you can enjoy the "drive ceremony" and "car", "discount ceremony", "replacement" and "free service etiquette", 5 gift. One of the most eye-catching "discount gift" can not only let consumers get 0 Shoufu, 24 0 interest value huge benefit, but also enjoy the Car Buying procedures are simple, fast, convenient car audit and a series of benefits. The "worry free service ceremony" is to let every one during the event to buy Q25 owners enjoy 180 days, only for not repair worry free service. At the same time, the September purchase of Suzuki Riana series and Changhe Big Dipper series models, can also enjoy preferential premium. The A0 level joint sedan Liana series of minimum only 51400 yuan, the classical crossover star series of minimum only 29900 yuan, some car owners to buy the Big Dipper specified models, can also enjoy factory direct delivery of 2000 yuan exclusive spree! The strength of car + deals double surprise visit, make this a great time to be starting September Changhe car. Why not act quickly to Changhe Automobile 4S shop to find out, find more surprises waiting for you to come!相关的主题文章: