The young magistrate and Chinese richest man how to make poverty in poor areas.

The young magistrate and Chinese richest man: how to make poverty in poor areas. This article from the WeChat public, Chang’an Avenue governor wrote | Songhai because one hundred million of the "goal", Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in the heat on the network suddenly passed his net red son. Heat has not dissipated, yesterday, a king of the richest man to help the video and bright. Wang Jianlin and Xu Liuyu live in Danzhai county "confrontation", sharp style. Chinese’s richest and most young magistrate "confrontation", not for personal gain chunqiangshezhan, but in the debate: Wanda in Danzhai investment profit how to transfer payment? How can we really get rid of poverty in poor areas. Black coat, baby face speaker, is the Danzhai county magistrate Xu Liuyu. He was promoted to Danzhai County in 2014 was less than 32 years old, is the youngest County of Guizhou. Xu Liuyu, who is from Hubei in Hong’an, came to the Department of sociology, Renmin University of China in 1999. In college, he likes to soak the library, in particular, like to see the political, military, science and technology books, community activities are often able to see his figure. At the end of his college life, he chose to enter the Institute of regional economics and urban management. Six years of study of life, let the scholar Xu Liuyu understood the importance of experience and practice: "first to the society have some basic knowledge, with some doubt, to study social science, this will be targeted, can be more in-depth study." Graduation, in the face of going to Germany to study and go to state-owned enterprises, foreign companies to work a few opportunities, he chose to go down to the most difficult place – Guizhou. First arrived in Guizhou, Xu had worked in the provincial government office of the Secretary for several years. A few years later, he drafted the manuscript total of more than and 200 words, editing and presentation of nearly 10 million words, to carry out the research on regional economics with their academic background. The governor of Chang’an Avenue (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) to query, Xu Liu Wei after the work of this thesis is based on the practice of Guizhou, expounds how to promote the city. After working for 7 years, is the office of the Secretary of a department deputy director Xu Liuyu, really go to the grassroots level, was transferred to the Danzhai County Committee, deputy magistrate. In 2014, was promoted to the county, the county Party Secretary and national excellent candidate in Sun Valley area. Guizhou is the western hinterland of Danzhai province by the poor, is also one of the poorest counties in Guizhou province. Karst mountain landscape blocking traffic, coupled with the lack of many people’s idea of becoming rich, dependent on subsistence allowances, the county has one in every 5 people living in poverty line. Poverty alleviation, naturally became the biggest task of Xu Liuyu village, poverty alleviation projects, poverty alleviation and docking scheduling business news often appear in newspapers. People’s Daily published an article saying that Xu Liuyu had made a promise to help the poor: even if the financial resources are weak, the foundation is not good, ‘bones’ hard, we will never fall poverty!" Mention Xu Liuyu, many colleagues have said that he often eat instant noodles at night to work overtime, there is easy to treat others he is very strict requirements of the work. The holiday is not idle, a year during the Spring Festival, Xu Liuyu organization dedicated to Danzhai county’s most remote rural research, and the villagers opened the forum, chatted to understand the villagers to 7相关的主题文章: