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Tire pattern can also affect drainage performance? To buy Swiss – car Sohu may not know many old driver, and tire tread groove design will affect the performance of the drainage. Tire pattern to a large extent affect the overall performance of the tire, traction, braking force, wear resistance, handling stability, drainage, etc., are dependent on the pattern. In addition to optimizing the performance of tire design, but also to meet the needs of different road driving. The design and function of a tire tread of the following aspects: 1, increase the brake force, driving force and traction force of the vehicle, 2, increase the friction between the tire and the ground to improve the maneuverability and stability of the vehicle during braking to avoid slip and sideslip 3, sporadic tire 4, reducing noise and heat shock, enhanced type the ride comfort of the 5, two, appearance of the tire tread is broadly divided into five categories: 1, this pattern has the advantages of highway drainage performance SUV pattern design pay more attention to the tread, the tread grooves are usually relatively small." Off-road SUV pattern design will focus on the row of sand tread groove ability, more lenient. Disadvantages: cross-country pattern of contact pressure, rolling resistance, so it is not suitable for a long time on a good hard road. Otherwise, it will increase tire wear and tear, increase fuel consumption, car driving vibration is also more severe. 2, longitudinal pattern advantages: this pattern of good handling stability, rotation resistance is small, not easy lateral sliding. Generally applicable to better road conditions, such as highways or urban roads, etc.. The rolling resistance is small, therefore, the friction force is small, and the utility model has good driving performance and is suitable for driving at high speed. Moreover, the longitudinal tire has excellent drainage performance, and it is not easy to slip on wet road surface, and the noise is small. Disadvantages: longitudinal tread tire braking performance is relatively weak, and the driving force is not as good as other patterns of tires, is not suitable for the sand road and other roads are in poor condition. 3, the transverse pattern advantages: because the pattern with horizontal design, so the tire and the ground contact area increases, both the braking force, driving force has more excellent performance, greatly overcomes the shortcoming of the longitudinal tire, apply to the wilderness, construction sites and other bad road conditions. Disadvantages: poor drainage, tire cooling effect is not good. Moreover, the tread pattern tire increases the contact area of the ground and increases the noise. In terms of vehicle handling flexibility is obviously less than the longitudinal tread tire. 4, vertical pattern advantages: absorb advantages of longitudinal drainage performance, low noise, taking into account the dynamic performance of the transverse pattern’s strengths, with the driving force, better braking performance than pure vertical pattern. Therefore, this type of tire tread and strong ability to adapt to a wide range of applications, it is suitable for different hard road, the road can also deal with poor road conditions, also suitable for cars and trucks, and therefore both pattern has become the mainstream of the tire tread. Disadvantages: abnormal wear. 5, snow pattern advantages: the tire pattern is a large array, when the vehicle division相关的主题文章: