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Supplements 49% of Americans use a diet supplement to help achieve and maintain good health, and women are way ahead of men in this statistic, with 54% women using nutritional supplements as against 44% men! Womens health has become a topic of great research, and it is a fact that manufacturers have put in extra effort into creating products exclusively for women rather than the generic products which were produced till a few decades ago. Research has shown that a womans body has entirely different needs especially in matters of bones and gynaecology. There are a different set of nutrients needed for a womans body, and in this article well talk about the top 5 nutritional supplements for women and what they do to help the bodys functions. Iron By far the most important supplement for women is Iron. As blood recycles in the body, iron count keeps falling. By the time new blood is generated, the haemoglobin has to come back to its regular count for the womans wellbeing. It is common for women to have haemoglobin counts of under 10 while 12-14 is the recommended figure by doctors. Iron supplements help in this regard. Also, pregnant women need additional Iron for the babys wellbeing. Anaemic mothers give birth to weak children. Calcium Calcium is another extremely important mineral for a womans body. Brittle bones are among the top complaints from women as they age, and the primary cause for that is a lack of calcium in the body.Especially post menopause, women stand a greater risk of osteoporosis, and Calcium is key to avoiding the condition. Calcium also combines with Iron to carry blood around the body. Folic Acid Also called Folate, Folic acid is often recommended to pregnant women along with Iron. Most supplement manufacturers combine Iron with Folic acid as they are often recommended together. Prevention of anaemia is among the key benefits of folic acid. While planning for pregnancy, gynaecologists recommend wannabe mothers to start taking iron and folic supplements before conception as the babys brain and central nervous system are formed in the first few weeks of pregnancy and iron and folic play a key role in that formation. Folate also helps prevent certain kinds of cancer. Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B is among the most important vitamins for our body and is necessary for the body right from our childhood till old age. Muscle cramps, hair loss, respiratory infections, and eczema are a few conditions that can be brought upon by non-availability of Vitamin B in the body. The good thing is that all the different B vitamins (B1, 2, 4, 6, 12) are available as a single capsule. Omega 3 Another important supplement as we age is Omega 3. Found most commonly in fish and fish products, Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of heart attacks, fatty livers, and help prevent arthritis and other joint related conditions. These vitamins and supplements are easily available in a variety of combinations at .livingwellwithdorothy… Check them out! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: