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UnCategorized We always think of advertising as being expensive, something we can’t afford when we are just starting out. But did you know there are several ways to promote your web site that cost nothing at all? Yes, you read that right. Nothing! In this article I am going to look at five methods you can use to promote your site and get huge traffic, without paying a cent. Get links to your site. Did you know that link partners bring in more traffic than search engines do? Use the search engines to search for popular sites that sell a similar product or service and place a link to them on your site. Then e-mail the webmaster and ask politely if they will link to yours. Then submit your site to quality online directories. Many of these are .pletely free. They may take time, but they will list your site for nothing. Forums are free! Forums are a fantastic way to advertise your site for nothing. Why? Because the people who go there are interested in the very thing that you are selling. First, go to a search engine and type in your topic plus forums. So if you have a winemaking site, type in "wine-making forums". Choose the forums that have the highest ranking and the most posts and register with them. Find out what questions people are asking and what problems they have. Make sure your site provides answers to these questions and problems! Then post replies to these people showing you really understand their problem. Mention your site and make it clear they will find more .plete answers there. A press release pays Press releases are not as hard as you may think and they really bring in traffic. But you need to do them right. They need to be brief and punchy. Ensure the opening paragraph sums up the entire story. Ask yourself "Why would the readers of this publication want to know about this?" – because that is what the editor will be asking. Find out what they want to know and give it to them. As well as sending to local news journals, submit it to online e-zines dealing with your subject. Remember, don’t just write one release to send to all – tailor them to fit the particular publication. News of your business will soon spread. Articles are all You don’t need to be a literary genius to write good articles. If your web site is about winemaking, write an article giving tips and tricks to make the best wine. You know this already! Mention your web site in the concluding paragraph so readers will believe they will find good information there. Submit it to article directories. Not only will it show up in the search engines, but, if the content is good, it will be picked up by other webmasters looking for content. So you will get more links to your site. Article writing is one of most important ways of promoting your business. Not only does it spread knowledge of your name around the Web, it also reveals you as an authority in your field. Offline too Last, but certainly not least, publicize your site offline. Talk about it to anyone who will listen. Word of mouth is the most powerful promotion strategy of all! Insert your web address in your letters and business cards. Put it in the back of your car. Put notices in local shops. No effort is wasted to make people aware of your business and them talking about it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: