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Understand the emotional attachment, your life is full of exciting public concern Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public number "help" memories of childhood memories of childhood 1 what is it? Some people say: Miss childhood ah, when I was young, left a popsicle, right hand a hot strip, but also happy; there are few scar who lap, it was all traces of childhood; miss my childhood, no responsibility, no light of heart from care, heart; buy a large number of diapers make up for my lost childhood….. I don’t know how you feel about your childhood When I think of my childhood, in addition to the memories, there are some wounds. Once thought, I was a few trauma, and grew up and found that, in fact, I am one of the majority. The master of hypnosis once said, "most of your life you have yet to realize is in the subconscious mind". In fact, each of us is a part of our unknown, which determines the direction of our life, if we can face the truth, then the trauma of the past can help us. We can face the truth, face the past, learn to overcome the problems of life, then the trauma of the past will become our best material. All children are born to parents unconditional love and loyalty, even ideal parents, will be forgotten and distortions that are not so good memories, but the memories did not disappear, it will be deep in our subconscious, even one day out of nowhere. Psychological research found that the ability to see the reality of childhood, and can not hide the expression, it can be avoided to the greatest extent the impact of past trauma. 2 looking back on childhood, we can find the root of our problem now, understand how parents affect children? Parents unconditional loyalty and love first: feeding mode. Parental rearing patterns, parents’ personality and expectations of their children, determine the future of children’s mental health and adaptability of the important factors. Second: the pain of childhood externalization. Parents do not understand the child’s behavior, there will be no response, will deny the child’s emotional, excessive control children, such children will produce the lack of security, low self-esteem, depression and other behavioral or psychological characteristics. Third: the painful internalization of childhood. The relationship between parents and children is good or bad, rude interference in the child, so that the child will be tense conflicts, such as the feeling of discomfort, showing anxiety, depression, fear and other emotions. Fourth: can not achieve commitment. In the early stages of the baby, the mother in a good way to feed the child, the child’s mental health. Changes in the environment, the family will have a significant impact on the child’s psychological growth, grow up often use more immature psychological defense mechanisms to face the pressure and conflict, interpersonal problems. Fifth: more than expected. Parents provide a stable life, the child will have a predictable sense of relative control, so that they are more capable of dealing with adversity. Sixth: family)相关的主题文章: