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Video Jun summary 2016 Tokyo game show PSVR has reached a mature point of time to enter the TGS this year, the special subject of the Tokyo station of the report of the game show is coming to an end, the king of the game is the time to sum up the. This year’s TGS is still SONY and Japan’s third largest absolute home vendors. Especially SONY, both in New York held a press conference shortly before the release of PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, or PS VR’s upcoming October pocketed the topic and the eye, it can obviously feel it at the exhibition site. As for Karp, the third party free Sega vendors, basically rely on the "Resident Evil 7" such as "6" such a high popularity of works in their own booth in a corner to gather many of the audience and the media. While SONY is the entire booth demo machine even aisle have been watertight. PS VR propaganda has long, TGS2016 for SONY is the last sprint before the sale. PS4 Pro has just announced that the outside world for this half of the new generation of upgrades is more curious and guess the new host. Whether PS VR or PS4 Pro, after the TGS many demo experience and interviews, my understanding of the two hardware become clear. PS VR mature when my first experience with PS VR is Chinajoy in 2015, when the demo of the game is "summer class". Probably everyone for the first time to experience the time of VR will be shocked because of freshness, but the freshness of the easy to go fast, only rely on freshness and can not let VR reflect the value. At that time, the basic PS VR is such a state, the show’s experience is really DEMO DEMO, calm down after the shock, you will feel that this thing is actually nothing to play. For a long time, I think PS VR is a very interesting thing, it seems that there is a great possibility, but no one knows how to make full use of this possibility." "Summer class" in this exhibition has become the focus of the feeling until 2016 E3 game show, to this point in time, PS VR is no longer only before the simple DEMO, such as "Resident Evil 7" "Final Fantasy 15" so that the 3A level for PS VR that have been on the train, the game of PS VR than before to enrich a lot. I ushered in the first turning point for the impression of PS VR – version of the "VR 7". The 15 minute DEMO VR in the basic experience to make the traditional meaning of a complete 3A on its all game elements, the play is also not so monotonous, but serious sense of vertigo let me PS VR almost a veto. I was almost never halo 3D, experience PS VR before it completely without any feeling of discomfort, "Resident Evil 7" made me uncomfortable to almost spit out, is brimming with pierced. At this time, although the PS VR game to keep up, but the honest body let me start with.相关的主题文章: