Vivo x9 will release 20 million dual camera front light agogoktv

Vivo X9 will release 20 million dual camera: front light Phoenix Francisco November 1st message, after vivo announced new notice yesterday, today officially announced the vivo X9 and X9Plus slogan and propaganda figure "pre 20 million soft double perturbation, illuminate your beauty". As you can see, this time vivo X9 and X9Plus will be the front camera raised to 20 million pixels, while the built-in soft effect. At present, the domestic and international flagship camera phones will focus on the development of the rear camera. The camera has a profound precipitation vivo is concerned about the needs of consumers in the self timer. Focus on the development of high definition lens. People who know the phone will know that it is very difficult to do the front camera. Due to the limitations of the volume of the front camera can not do the bulge. The complexity of the lens assembly and high-end sensors plug into such a small space, the difficulty is very large. Some manufacturers, have tried to make a mobile phone camera components flip, you need to turn back when the camera self timer. The vivo X9 and X9Plus will directly lead the industry to achieve a large size 20 million pixel lens on the front panel. Currently the most popular technology in the mobile phone industry is a double shot. The vivo X9 and X9Plus chose to become an independent school, watch consumer demands for self timer, double camera module do mobile phone front. Currently, there are two mobile phone dual camera in practical applications. One is by the depth recognition of the environment through the secondary camera photo shoot SLR shallow depth of field effect. The two is to do the secondary camera lens to shoot growth, to achieve certain optical zoom telescope. The two schemes have their own advantages, and have different ways to realize them. That vivo X9 and X9Plus’s pre – Dual Camera in the end what kind of program? We will wait and see!相关的主题文章: