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Beauty One of the biggest side effects of the sedentary lifestyle is increased weight. These days its not un.mon to find men and women weighing a few kilos higher than whats suggested by the BMI index. There are many reasons for this slow increase of weight. The first reason is the type of work. These days most women work in software .panies which require them to sit for hours in front of the system. Plus, most .panies provide door-to-door transport facility. So, one doesnt indulge in a lot of physical exercise. Thirdly, eating junk food and eating throughout the day. Moreover, the corporate culture encourages eating out often in restaurants. All these factors are slowly but steady increasing your weight. Did you know that there are many side effects and diseases that could be caused due to increase in weight? If you dont watch your weight, then you could end up spending most of your salary on medical bills and medication. Instead of waiting till the last minute, you can take up weight loss treatment in Bangalore . However, if you are very obese, you may have to go for fat removal treatment program. First, lets take a look at the health problems associated with obesity. Cardiovascular problems People with high weight are more prone to heart attacks. It is because the excess cholesterol in your blood gets deposited in the veins and arteries. So, the space for the blood to travel is reduced. This increases the pressure on the heart to pump harder. After a point of time, your heart will not be able to take up the pressure and have a break down. Cancer: Overweight people are in the high-risk group for breast, gall bladder, and colon cancer. Osteoarthritis When the body mass increases, there is more pressure on the bones to bear the weight. The excess weight slowly wears out the bone joints, resulting in osteoarthritis. Gallstones When cholesterol level in the blood increases, it gets deposited in most parts of the body. It also gets deposited in the gall bladder and could harden over time to be.e stone-like. Gall stones, if not treated early, can be.e infections and lead to other secondary problems. You should take proper care of your body and ensure that you maintain the weight at the re.mended levels. In the starting stages, you could take up a weight treatment program in Bangalore. If the condition be.es severe, go for fat removal treatment in a reputed clinic in the city. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: