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Movies-TV The digital revolution has democratized television production. Anyone with exciting ideas and modest video equipment can make programs of interest to broadcasters, digital channel .panies and web-site producers. Affordable shooting and editing equipment offers anyone the opportunity to create high-quality video drama, factual programming, corporate or promotional videos. As higher quality Internet services be.e more available, ‘streamed’ video will be.e a must have .ponent of any web site worth visiting. The buzzwords are ‘broadband’ and ‘convergence’. Broadband applies to the Internet. It involves updating the modem in your .puter and the telephone line for much faster access to the Internet and web content. The connection is more reliable and there is easier access to multimedia content. With reference to video, broadband means that better, higher quality moving images will be able to be accessed quickly and easily via the Internet. With broadband it is possible to view on a .puter monitor a movie with high quality, full frame picture definition. Convergence describes the .ing together of .puter-generated graphics, interactive pictures and sound and conventional television techniques. This leads to interactive television, which has many possible and as yet unexplored uses. One particular use is in the TV coverage of a football match, where the viewer can choose any particular camera angle from the selection offered by the broadcaster, rather than rely on the director’s choice. Your digital TV set linked to a broadband telephone or cable system be.es a two-way .munication .mand module. It allows you to play interactive games, Email, use digital graphics .munications as well as view the large number of broadcast digital television channels. There is, of course, a cost in subscribing to all this additional digital material. Convergence is gaining a growing audience because it offers the chance for graphic designers, artists and architects to work with filmmakers and video artists. Once you are in the digital domain, there are many ways of expressing your creativity. All sorts of alliances are being forged, bringing with them many new opportunities for film and television program makers. The Light Surgeons, a group of UK filmmakers, graphic designers and DJs, entertain and surprise audiences with their live digital audio visual show. The Light Surgeons mix images from video, .puter graphics and digital photography with music, in the same way that DJs mix dance music. There are digital film festivals springing up all over the globe actively seeking new and distinctive, digitally created video material. Independent filmmakers using digital equipment make films for the Inter. based on popular series and characters such as Star Wars and the X Files. These films take copyright characters and put them in their own stories, which fall into a murky legal area between parody and fan fiction both legal in US law. But they are popular and the big players are taking note. The official web site for Star Trek movies has agreed to partner the Star Trek fan-film .work to feature fan-made films. Good news for Trekkies. Some fans think there could be over 100 Star Trek fan films on the Inter. by 2012. By: Francis David About the Author: 相关的主题文章: