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Relationships Have you ever heard the expression, You cannot take it with you? It is true! You cannot take the tangible things such as money, your great body or your loved ones with you when you pass on. But you can take the real gold! The authentic is the very thing you have spent your entire lifetime acquiring through the harrowing relationships, the financial crises, the dramas and disasters. Let me explain. Imagine yourself with a group of friends. You cannot wait to tell them about your latest squeeze with the hope that he will get their approval. He is tall, dark and handsome with a boat load of money, you tell them. Now that you have their attention, you continue to relate some of his intrinsic characteristics. He is loving, graceful, strong, truthful and courageous. They say, Wow! It sounds like you have hit the mother lode. We cannot wait to meet him. That is the real gold! * Virtues Are An Everlasting Beneficial Quality By describing his intrinsic characteristics or virtues, you have related his everlasting beneficial qualities. Your friends now understand that your latest squeeze is a good person, well worth their time to get to know him better. * Virtues Versus Vices If you had used vices to describe your latest squeeze to your friends such as, hateful, clumsy, weak, dishonest and fearful; you would have gotten a completely different reaction. He would have been judged as a bad person who should be avoided at all costs. * Virtues Will Prevail Yet vices are just the beginning that can one day transform into a virtue. Hate has the potential to become love; clumsiness can improve to gracefulness; weakness can develop into strength; dishonesty grows into integrity; and courage comes from overcoming our fears. * Life’s Progression Life will continue to present the same opportunity repeatedly until you get it right. You will experience the harrowing relationships, the financial crises, the dramas and disasters until you change your vices into virtues one step at a time. * Trial and Error Since we are not born with an owner’s manual on life, we learn through trial and error. Our relationships with others bring out the best and the worst in all of us. As we learn relationship skills, we can successfully change our vices into virtues by listening to our own internal voice and the people around us. It is life’s growth process that everyone must endure. The real gold will come much faster once you open your heart, your eyes and your ears. *Can You Spot An Old Soul? You can spot an old or mature soul from a newer soul by the qualities that they are able to express in their daily lives. Younger souls will express more vices than virtues, while mature souls will consistently express more virtues than vices. Although, make no mistake, old souls have vices too. That is why all of us are in relationships with each other, to awaken and develop those dormant virtues which begin as weaknesses or vices. * Relationship Skills Whether it is your latest squeeze, a family member or a coworker, learn to acknowledge verbally those actions you find beneficial and helpful to you. Likewise learn to verbalize, in a non judgmental way, what you experience as harmful or hurtful. We need relationships because it is difficult to see our own virtues and vices. Open the lines of communication and watch the growth begin. Remember the real gold is the virtues you are presently expressing in your relationship with others. Increase your true worth by transforming any vice into a virtue. Not only will you end up with the real gold to take with you when you pass on, but you will feel much better about the here and now. About the Author: Loy Combs, a relationship researcher and consultant for over forty years, reveals the secret rules of the relationship game. Extract yourself from drama and begin a new life. Get your free relationship test to determine your position on this chessboard called life at http://www.loycombs.com Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: