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Where beauty beauty beauty mirror where intelligent woman must the times for a female friend is very important, especially in dealing with various social occasions, make-up is necessary to find some things at the mirror. With the deepening of the concept of intelligent Home Furnishing mirror, now also began to take intelligent route, but most of the current smart mirror mainly provides weather information, news and information, this is not what much use for a female friend. So in the day held before the Japanese Matsushita electronic products exhibition provides an intelligent beauty mirror can help female friend "makeup". This mirror is the biggest characteristics can identify the user’s face "flaw", if you need to fill in a makeup or makeup, it can tell you the face where there are not perfect, and through a combination of foundation and Concealer the built-in printer to help you repair the imperfect region. In other words, the Panasonic this cosmetic mirror, even if you forgot the cosmetics in the side also don’t worry about the destruction of the entire makeup and makeup. But due to the current mirror is still in the stage show, so this action is not a makeup instantly. For example, printing foundation or Concealer cream will take a few minutes to make, and these cosmetics also need a day to wait for the dry slowly, then can be used. So it is a little difficult to really use the emergency. At the same time, through the face of the mirror out of cosmetics and cosmetics can not be as direct as the face, but through the special instrument to cover the face of the Panasonic, so as to achieve the effect of concealer. If this is a private use of good to say, if the public, we are using this instrument, the health situation is very worrying ah. So if it is used in the fast pace of the fashion industry, such as the catwalk like, the makeup of a little slow, apparently not very practical. But in cosmetic shops or medical beauty industry can have room to play. So if you want to be a perfect woman, I’m afraid I’m going to be with a bunch of cosmetics and a small mirror.相关的主题文章: