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SEO Nowadays blogging are being one of the most powerful tool to improve traffic to a business. There are different kind of free host websites are available on the Internet which are very beneficial from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view. But still there are a lot of entrepreneurs who do not use this for their business. Blog could be defined as an online diary in which different kind of information and thoughts are posted on regular basis. A blog may be a platform through which one can express his thought to the world. In the case of business promotion, a blog subject may be new offers, news and achievements of .pany regarding products and services. If you are posting blog on regular basis then the leading search engine crawlers (robots of search engine) will experience more changes in the website, thus it provides preference to the page in search engine result page placement. Hence the website ranks higher in the SERP. If ranking is high then number of visitor of website is also high. From here you can generate back links for another website. There are lots of blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, Joomla, Drupal and Live Journal. All these above websites are designed in such a way that search engine can easily find its content. Nowadays WordPress is considered as the most search engine friendly site. Each and every post is indexed by the Google bots that show appearance of the content on search engine result. A blog could be able to establish a good relation between customer and brand. A .pany can share any kind of information regarding their product and services to the public. Hence it is .pulsory for every .pany to publish blogs on regular basis. Search Rank India is SEO .pany in Delhi that provides Content marketing services. In this services different kind of contents are created and published on behalf of the .pany. Apart from pre designed site with free hosting service, one can also write a blog on his own domain and own hosting server. Most of SEO executive prefers to put their blog on a sub directory of the main site. The main objective to keep a blog on the main site is to perform a regular change in the pages and content of the site. This kind of change is observed and indexed by the leading search engine bots. The ranking of the website boosts in SERP when they experiences much activity over a website. Thus blog writing plays a vital role in promotion of a business. Hire the most reliable Search Engine Optimization .pany India to get higher profit form a business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: