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family education | parent-child picture book tasting handmade children & let the children do the housework housework practice, its purpose is not to share their parents work, parents also do not go to this aspect to think, let the children do the housework, we are on the children from the body to a series of cultivation of the mind, a great help for the future development of children. ? 1, to help children exercise skills the ingenuity of the children are mostly some housework or handiwork, different housework can exercise different parts, folding clothes can be practiced to small muscle, wiping the floor can exercise large muscle. ? 2, let the children practice classification classification and storage consciousness, whether in life or learning is very important, life items need to be classified in order to clarify, learning knowledge should be classified to mastery. Let the child develop a good habit of classification and induction, whether it is life, study, or work, can make him a lifetime benefit. 3, the child’s sense of responsibility to let the children start with their own things to do, and then extended to other families, from primary school to do a good job in the home, you can cultivate a sense of family responsibility. Children will love the family, cherish the fruits of labor, know how to bear. 4, increase the child’s self-confidence in the process of doing housework, the child can gain self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. Although the age is still small, can not do very well, but in the practice of the process, the child will find that they have the ability to accomplish a lot of things, and gain confidence. ? 5, to cultivate children’s learning ability to solve problems in the children started to learn to do the housework, must have done a bad time, but mom doesn’t need to worry, in the course of practice, the child will observe the mother’s mother, also a step-by-step demonstration and explanation, let the child mother by imitating the action do the housework, so that children can think "how do you do well, and then study the solution to the problem. Welcome to WeChat public account book collection "(ID:huibenjingxuan), every day to push the classic picture books, picture books, animation, parenting knowledge, English videos, parenting books to wear ear such as a large number of free resources, concern reply" directory "you can get free. Reply to "common word" get sight word Kids Baby PDF+mp4 full set of common words in reply "Red Dog" to get Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford English cartoon set 42 "curious" reply to get curious George cartoon seasons with subtitles reply "Disney" to obtain a total of 11 dishes of Disney abecedarian English (Bilingual subtitles). "Charlie" BBC "Charlie and animation picture book for Lola" Charlie and Laura all 3 seasons of "curious" reply to get curious George painting相关的主题文章: