Why the ancients Chinese has said the Han Chinese, but not Chinese baxia

Why the ancients Chinese has said the Han Chinese, but not Chinese? [Abstract] system of political, economic and cultural aspects, and the three and to the culture of Han Dynasty, which makes the Everything is contained therein. across different populations can fully inclusive and equitable, is willing to stay in the system, so that thousands of years has been to Han Chinese itself. Chinese in the vast majority of the population identify themselves as Han, Han Chinese name from the Han Dynasty to the Han Dynasty, therefore the meaning of Chinese is not only a political dynasty, but various sources, the background of the Chinese melt into a shared identity. Why can’t other dynasties do this? Two thousand years Chinese has also been said that he is a Chinese? The reason is that Chinese is not a group, but a group of cultural significance. In this definition, the concept of Chinese and European ethnic groups are quite different, such as Jews, Germans, Latin, are defined by ethnicity, race, ancestry, but the Han Dynasty is to define culture, can be maintained until today. Today I want to ask you some of my own ideas. We know from the Han Dynasty Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu, temporarily and warlords are also down, but at the time of the Han Dynasty was not known as the Han Dynasty, from Liu Bang to Lu Wenjing to after two generations, the first is turbulent, not into a specific financial dynasty. Until the Han Dynasty, about the 1.5 century BC, the Han Dynasty appeared as the Han characters. Jia Yi in his article often asked: Han Han has been a long time, why not get rid of the Qin Dynasty? Why can’t avoid the alien invasion? Why do people still have a bad day? Since Jia Yi put forward these questions until solve these problems, spent a total of 1.5 centuries of time, it will be designated as the Han chinese. We can analyze from the following three points. The integration of political power from a group of armed groups have gradually transformed into all the people can join the ruling group. In the early Han Dynasty, the prime minister can only as a hero, so non Han hou can not serve as prime minister, non military not Fenghou, only children can Fenghou hero. Then gradually turn into Gongsun hou can Fenghou commoner literati Fenghou, can do the prime minister. The Han Dynasty Chaju by Dong Zhongshu et al to make the personnel access to the central, the national personnel scattered throughout the work as a rule. Every county has a certain quota, each region can all join the national ruling group, although the use of the name "Xiaolian founder" or "and so on, these good and able men promoted by selection", the name had been used, but not established until the appointment system, quota, to build up the foundation of political ruling group the scattered throughout the country and even to the edge of the province, a population of less than a certain proportion, but also to protect the local places, can make the election to the central to xiaolian. Chaju elected personnel to avoid the domicile of origin to local officials so as not, can save the problem of local factions. This system opens the traditional Chinese imperial examination system for thousands of years, the Han Dynasty from the closure of the hero group rule to all over the country’s elite common rule situation. I think this is the first condition of Han as Han, which makes people think that this country is common to all of us.相关的主题文章: