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Home-and-Family Getting to know Italy means not only getting to know the well-known and common cities, towns, popular places, and attractions, but also some of the lesser known ones. One of these places is Umbria. It is a somewhat isolated area that lies directly in the middle of Italy. This makes it the only area in Italy that is not a seacoast and does not have a foreign neighbor. The gentle countryside is composed of hills, valleys, and small mountains. There are also lakes, rivers, and a waterfall located in this area. One of the attractions in the Umbria area is the churches that you will find interspersed throughout Umbria that date back to the medieval times. It addition there are the great tastes of the local cuisine, which is absolutely fabulous, and some very fine wines, too. One local Italian dish is Minestra alla Perugina, which is a soup that is named after the main city that is located within this area. This is a city that is known to generations of foreigners who have come to Italy to learn Italian. There is a rather simple beef soup that can be enjoyed with Soave Superiore DOCG that is in Veneto. Tegamaccio, which is a type of very hearty fish stew in Lake Trasimeno. It goes very well with Minestra alla Perugia even though one is made with beef and one is made with seafood. The stew contains cod, eel, perch, pike, shrimp, and tench. Two really nice wines that you can pare with this Tegamaccio are Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi DOC or its cousin, which is a Verdicchio di Matelica DOC. Both of these wines are in the Marches region of Italy. When visiting the Umbria area in Italy, it is recommended that you try the truffles. You should definitely sample the black ones in Frittata ai Trartufi, which is a truffle omelet, and pair it with Lombardys Franciacorta DOCG, which is a bubbly wine, almost like Champagne. It is an expensive wine, and if this wine doesnt fit your budget, then try a bubbly Prosecco DOC in Veneto but if you have already had it with Prosecco DOC, it will be like eating Egg Beaters instead of eggs or like drinking a diet drink instead of the real thing. Truffles are also good as a risotto to be paired up with a slightly decadent dish and an Italian Pinot Grigio. Even though there is no coast in the area, seafood is an important ingredient to many dishes in Umbria. Another Italian dish that can be tried in this part of Italy is Trote al Prezzemole, which is trout with parsley. This is a simple, yet delicious, Italian dish. It goes nicely with a ros Bardolino Chiaretto DOC in Veneto. However, if you are partial to white wine, then you should try an Italian Chardonnay, either Gewurtztraminer or Sauvignon Blanc, both will do nicely with this trout entre. Pollo in Porchetta (Chicken in Porchetta) is a popular Italian dish in the area. This is chicken stuffed with cured ham, a single chicken liver, wild fennel seed, and some other great tasting food. A bottle of Soave Superiore will go well with this chicken entre. Not all Italian restaurants will have Italian dishes like those mentioned in this article. They might not have the less common wines either. If you are looking for a specific Italian dish to eat, contact the restaurant ahead of time and ask if they serve it, you can also ask about their wine selection. For the basics in Italian food, all restaurants will have items like lasagna, eggplant Parmesan, etc. Mama Jennies Italian Restaurant is one of those restaurants. When in the Florida area you can go to Mama Jennies to enjoy authentic Italian food. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: