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Witch: Halloween Pumpkin monster picture books (Photos) – Sohu baby book holds a house of gold, bring happiness to the children reading. Like Joyner, small, even fetal education in the mother’s belly, reading is cramming. Reading to her, just a kind of habit, she read some simple picture books, and familiar with the characters, such as "peppa pig", she is familiar with the inside of the George, Paige, father, mother pig pig…… And so on; and then, for example, Baba Baba, Baba, Baba Bell, Baba Barber…… So familiar, she know, know what girls are those boys, then look inside the painting. Small children, reading requirements not too much, don’t want to read this book, to have some knowledge, just read it, read every day, no time to look at the book, including a bedtime story, and parents of parent-child reading. When the book is used to know less, reading can accumulate knowledge. As you grow up, you will choose to read, like to pick out her own favorite books to read, such as comic books, "comic book", "the British children’s Encyclopedia", "Spiru and Fang Dajiong"…… Another example of history "" small "decoction for children Chinese history"…… So, there is a geographic class, class, class composition of picture books…… Wait。 But can not be silly to read, to read a book, and more thinking. Insist on more than 3 months of writing them, she recently began to write "monster master" relevant content, I read write well. Much of the benefits of reading is a powerful and unconstrained style when writing, active thinking, do not worry about the material. Yesterday in a picture book group, parents asked relevant books about Halloween, Halloween, in memory, please? Is sugar, funny… Very fun holiday, has been very popular with her like, and then can DIY a variety of manual. The art tutor taught, do Halloween hat, the hat is also very love joyner. Halloween is a grand festival in foreign words, I look at some of the early October began to promote, but the atmosphere is not good at the spring festival. Key words about Halloween, only those, such as: magic, no wonder, monster, candy, DIY manual… What did you think of? This few days finishing on Halloween picture books, Beibei, Angelina bear inside inside, a ghost, a witch, a magic and a monster…… A variety of Halloween picture books, a few of the following recommended for everyone to see, if you have more, welcome to have the title in the comments below reply oh.相关的主题文章: