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World news: the United States tipping the disintegration of the guests in an embarrassing situation -, September (Xinhua) – the United States, the World Journal 17 local time editorial said that the U.S. tipping system is changing. The businessmen and guests provide a warm service, a warm return mode of small money, now more and more place into a strong rope tip, resulting in consumer disputes on ". For example, a number of Chinese restaurants on the table, please leave the tip of the notice, did not tip the Chinese customers, the waiter was chasing a restaurant to discuss a few yuan tips to get out. Today, some of the mainstream social tradition does not pay the tip of the industry, such as coffee takeout also appeared semi mandatory to get tips, so that consumers do not give or not, feel wronged and embarrassed. Article excerpts are as follows: the United States is the "tip kingdom", unlike European and Asian countries to receive tips only in specific places, the tip has become controversial business model and social phenomenon in the United states. Controversy comes from two aspects: first, strong cable tip popular, some new industry to join the tip of the ranks; or whether the service is good or bad, it is better to tip. For example, a coffee shop, the clerk just turned to customers pour coffee, money, to ask for money, let the customer feel wronged. Another diametrically opposite approach is the emergence of restaurants in New York and other metropolitan areas do not accept tips to allow customers to reduce the expenditure of 15% to 20%, hoping to pull back the guests. Two the tug of controversial system, being transformed. Tipping is a commercial practice, no legal norms. One of the trends, is acknowledged to pay a tip of restaurants, hotels, send food, take a taxi, carrying luggage, valet parking, car washing, artificial beauty manicure, massage, pet grooming or other personal services, like in the expanding range of tipping. For example, some coffee shops with iPad coffee, checkout, the total amount of publicly jump from 15% additional tips, let the guest pay by finger contact. According to Chinese guests said, although there is no tip on iPad option, but the font is small, in the corner of the screen. The queue in the back if the guests under the watchful eyes of the people, not to tip, behind the customer see crystal clear. Commercial home crowd pressure strong cable tip, really bad. Moreover, a cup of coffee four or five yuan (U.S. dollars, the same below), may be required to pay a total of six or seven cents tip, such as the price of up to one or two, so that guests feel the pit, was peeling, very uncomfortable. The controversy in coffee accounts is a routine work, no additional reception services, pay a tip? If you like Chinese buffet sushi bar, often put a pot, let the guests free to one or two yuan tip, is it more polite, more civilized? Otherwise, if strong tipping is recognized, in store for customers to pick goods such as clothing, shoes, packaging test accounts, all shall accept tips, the market order is not chaos? The coffee shop and restaurant waiter may think similar tips can certainly compared to compensate for low wage clerk. But the restaurant waiter room on the table, a towel, tea, coffee and similar or different properties to sell. Additional tips "new business model" if the future is universal, fast food, fried chicken, hamburger, general shopping car, change the oil will be tipping? Consumers will be willing..相关的主题文章: