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The depth of | Wu Enda called for the enterprises to set up artificial intelligence chief officer, and gives four suggestions – Sohu technology selected from HBR Author: Wu Enda machine heart compiler participation: Li Yazhou not long ago, Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda published an article "the depth of | Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda published an article in the Harvard Business Review: the ability of artificial intelligence and the lack of" to the enterprise, about the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence. Today, he wrote an article suggesting that companies hire chief artificial intelligence officer, and gives a proposal in the recruitment of chief artificial intelligence officer. More than 100 years ago, the emergence of electricity has changed countless industries. 20 years ago, the emergence of the Internet is also true, artificial intelligence will also have the same effect. In order to take advantage of artificial intelligence, companies need to understand what artificial intelligence can do and how it affects the company’s strategy. But in order to prepare for this disruptive moment, the company should be how to organize the leadership team? The answer lies in tracing back to history. 100 years ago, the power system was really complicated. You need to make a reasonable choice between direct current, alternating current, different voltages, different levels of reliability and price. And how to use electricity is also very difficult to find out: you should pay attention to the establishment of the electric light? Or focus on replacing the gas turbine with motor? As a result, many companies hired Electricity vice president (VP of) to help organize the work, to ensure that each function of the company in their own work objectives or products to consider the existence of electricity. With the maturity of the power system, the role has disappeared. In recent years, changes in the IT and the Internet, we have seen the rise of CIO, to help companies organize information. With the maturity of IT, the development of the company’s Internet strategy has gradually become the work of CEO. Indeed, many standard & Poor’s 500 companies hope that they will be able to develop the Internet strategy earlier. Companies that do so now do have an edge. In the next 5 years, we will tell the same about artificial intelligence strategy. Artificial intelligence is still not mature, but the rapid development. So it’s not reasonable to expect every executive to fully understand artificial intelligence. But if your industry generates a large amount of data, then there is a great chance to use artificial intelligence to convert these data into value. For most of the data but lack the depth of artificial intelligence knowledge of the company, I propose to hire a chief artificial intelligence officer (chief AI officer) or vice president of artificial intelligence (VP of). (some of the chief data officers and leading CIO are actually playing the part) The chief executive officer of artificial intelligence is that he is able to ensure that the company’s entire silo (silos) are applied artificial intelligence. Most of the company’s natural development of silos to ensure that the various departments of specialization, become more efficient. In order to discuss, if your company has a gift card department, artificial intelligence is likely to make the gift card sales and processing process becomes better. If the company has the expertise to attract and deploy artificial intelligence professionals, be sure to allow its n相关的主题文章: