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Xichuan "one foot" on crutches teacher class adhere to the podium 29 years – Beijing – reporter Yang Wandong newspaper correspondent Shi Xuefan Gao Fan in Xichuan County town in a remote valley, there is such a teacher: he lost a leg, on crutches in class, students do homework and cleaning the school health; he, 29 years, vowed to stick to the podium, regardless of the weather. He is 50 years old village teacher Guo Fuhua. Long ago on "poor head full of Huaihai silver, 10000 Avision pearl mussel jane. The sky without user repair, supporting wheel loss Guizhi west." Guo Fuhua Mi Fei’s "Mid Autumn Moon" delou Gonggongzhengzheng wrote on the blackboard, the first is moving quickly up and then turned to stick, for the platform of the students. This is the morning of September 19th, Xichuan County town Daping Village Primary School scene. Although the Mid Autumn Festival has passed, but students are still pondering the festive joy, the teacher in the text of Guo Fuhua seize the opportune moment before the moon through ancient poetry, and together they have the mid autumn festival. "His class is full of fun." Student Liu Mengmeng said, it is difficult to imagine, rely on artificial limbs and crutches teacher Guo, on the podium is always in high spirit. Single leg came to Guo Fuhua, the hard way, lengnuanzizhi, admirable. In 1985, Guo Fuhua, a high school graduate, lost his right leg because of an accident. In 1987, the village that Guo Fuhua had talent, he was assigned to the village primary school as a teacher. Since then, Guo Fuhua and the education of the indissoluble bound, with his mutilated body and the hard work of writing the ordinary but not dull life. The town was Daping village primary school, the most difficult conditions of the primary school. Before 2003, in front of the school road or dirt road, whenever the rain and snow weather, muddy road. Guo Fuhua home from school is only 2 kilometers, but to him, this is how the long road of life. Every day, he pulled a homemade "Derby" prosthesis, a step by step moved to school, every step on the ground on the issue of prosthetic rub "click" sound. Later, Guo Fuhua in order not to delay the students, simply eat live in school. The school dormitory is a small bungalow, winter cold summer heat. He is very difficult to get water and cook. The village people give him Songliang to send food, he can eat relatively decent meal intake; on the way, he often fell. Despite this, he did not have any complaints, did not delay the students a lesson. The children go to school very hard, not because of my personal reasons, to delay their homework." Guo Fuhua said. "Skill" teacher since Guo Fuhua went to the stage, became "teaching skill": Students’ learning and life, he is not worried about everything, all in my heart. There was a student named Li Jiancai in the class. The summer of 2010, flash floods washed out of Li Jiancai’s house, shortly after his father died, his mother remarried, leaving him alone. Nobody’s Li Jiancai then, make a lot of trouble, late for class. Guo Fuhua see in the eyes, anxious in the heart, so, he approached the child, like a father to care for him, encourage him, and returned to his school supplies and clothing shoes. Slowly, Li Jiancai love reading, learning, performance improves, the smile on the face is 6相关的主题文章: