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Yunnan students in the school enrolled 2 years found professional error storm original title: Yunnan vocational school dozens of students into "school problems" storm at the Yunnan foreign language Career Academy Applied Korean specialty Chen (a pseudonym) unexpectedly, when she completed two years of study, has received notice that the school’s student, her mistake in fact, "her major is business english. At the same time, the school of Engineering Department, foreign language college, college students of aviation to China Youth Daily · youth online reporters reflect the problems of school student inform. And this may lead them to get the level of education is not consistent with the current professional. The students made a rough statistics, the storm may involve dozens of students in the school. In this regard, the school responded that this is the norm in school. Two years of school students to inform the students were asked to change the professional exam in 2014, Chen from Kunming, under the recommendation of the teacher, the official website of the Yunnan foreign affairs foreign language Career Academy reported. According to the teacher’s introduction and their own interests, she chose the five year college of Applied Korean professional. In mid July of that year, she received the school’s admission notice, indicating that the forecast is the application of korean. The Chen Ke report, also arranged at the professional, academic performance is very good, the end of August this year, she was still in school under the arrangement to South Korea for 3 months. To Chen’s surprise, at the beginning of September 18th, she suddenly received a notice of the school, said she is business English students, asking her to "within the first week of school admitted back to the original level, major". "For more than two years, inexplicably told you the wrong profession," Chen can not understand, "and the school forced you to read". Some other students appeared in the admission level, a student of the Yunnan foreign language "upload pictures of Career Academy three secondary school for inconsistent in reading professional level and admission registered professional level list of students" photo shows, more than 20 students of grade 2014, five year college business English major aviation, aviation, aviation 3 2 1 three classes of registered levels are shown as three year junior college, then became the Secretary professional admission". "Five year college diploma is a college diploma, the secondary technical secondary school can only get a diploma in secondary school"." Three years of technical secondary school students for the past third years to be arranged by the school internship, which means that faced with graduation". According to Chen knowledge, 67 Foreign Language Department of the school of Foreign Language College of aviation, most appeared in varying degrees of admission levels and school levels inconsistent or professional admission and attend professional inconsistency, she attended the Korean class only 3 students in school have no problem. The problem of students can also be the same as Chen, was asked to return to the original level in the first week of school enrollment, professional study". Yang Qing (a pseudonym) is also reported in 2014 the school’s five year college Thai major online. Report to the school, she asked the family to apply to the accounting profession, the teacher told her to turn professional can be said to have no impact". But after accounting for two years, in June this year, when the summer vacation相关的主题文章: