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Yunnan Yongsheng cadres donations continued: poverty alleviation is assessed contributions – Beijing back new network in November 2 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) Yongsheng County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province Propaganda Department confirmed 2, according to the online exposure of Yongsheng county government issued a document "mandatory" county units cadres and workers contributions to poverty alleviation, leading cadres in the county has apologized conference, the ongoing donations returned to work, and that will be based on respect the wishes of the donor on helping poor villages and poor households. State level poverty-stricken counties in Yunnan Yongsheng County Office, Yongsheng County People’s Government Office recently formulated and issued a "Yongsheng county" bag for "units and the county cadres and workers to raise power of poverty alleviation plan". Plan, to speed up the county poverty alleviation process, actively mobilize the "bag" units and cadres and workers to boost financing of poverty alleviation. One is to set up financing standard 146 "bag to help" unit financing of 14 million 510 thousand yuan; two is the county cadres and workers to raise about 11 million 800 thousand yuan. Program shows, funding criteria: leaders of 5000 yuan, deputy level cadres 4000 yuan, Zheng Keji cadres 3000 yuan, Fu Keji cadres 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan of financing clerk. Career, work diligence, management personnel 3000 yuan by senior titles, intermediate title of $2000, other workers to raise funds of 1000 yuan. Yongsheng earlier in an interview with the media, said poverty relief donations are true. Local cadres and workers said: "the starting point is good, to help linked to poor villages and poor households, but the operation method is undeserved." Yunnan Yongsheng County Propaganda Department staff of 2, said in an interview with reporters, Yongsheng County on October 31st, held a special meeting of leading cadres, reported since October 14th Yongsheng county poverty alleviation work fund-raising activities. At the meeting, Yongsheng county magistrate Feng Zhong on behalf of the county Party committee, the county government on poverty alleviation and fund-raising activities of the existing problems and problems were reviewed, and the negative impact of the sincere apology. At present, poverty alleviation donations began to return to the unit. (end)相关的主题文章: